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Do you have any question for our locksmith crew? The following are the most frequently asked questions that we receive from our customers every day.

  • Why should I need to hire a locksmith, when I can probably figure out how to fix the issue on my own?

Well if you are sure it is something that you can fix on your own, then you probably have to go ahead and do it! However, sometimes when customers are trying to install a lock or re-key the lock on the door, they damage either the door or the lock it self. As well a professional locksmith has all the tools needed to perform the work without any trouble, which is something the average household can’t boast.

  • I just got locked my key in the car, How do I get back In?

If you got your keys locked inside your car, give us a call asap. If you will try to open the car your self using a hanger you might get your door frame damaged, which is very expensive to fix. Our car locksmith experts can get to you within 20 minutes and get you back in your car with ease, without causing any damage to the vechicle whatsoever!

  • When I'm trying to put key in the ignition lock, it gets stuck and won't turn at all, Do I need to call an Auto Locksmith?

Not all the times, usually you can try to put some WD-40 spray into your ignition, it can be purchased at any hardware store and it might do a trick. If you already tried it, and key is stil not turning or getting stuck, please give us a call our auto locksmith near me service will be more than happy to get it fixed for you!

  • Are your locksmiths insured and bonded to work on my locks?

Of course! A good locksmith is someone who is licensed by the State Of California and is Los Angeles Local. It's always best to have a proper license and papers when working on security related issues. It is also just unwise to hire a locksmith technician who doesn't have any license whatsoever!

You already found the place you were looking for, as our Company Name states it Locksmith Near Me is always ready and always near you to help yout any of your emergency needs. Also very important is that we have locksmiths in all neighbourhoods around Los Angeles which is cool and wise, we can get on site in 20 minutes when needed.

  • What will happen if the car key you made for me stops working? 

All the keys that we make for our customers have 3 month guarantee so if the key we made suddenly stops working, we will come right over and resolve the issue for you at no additional cost. 

  • What happens if I order a locksmith and then cancel the call out? 

If you call out for the locksmith and want to cancel because you already found the key, you can for sure do that and you won't get charged for anything.But If our locksmith is already onsite though you will have to pay only 19$ for service call out fee.

    Feel free to give us a call at any time for any questions related to Locksmith Near Me services.